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Who Is Engku Helmy?

Engku Anwar HilmiĀ  or better known as Engku Helmy is the founder of EA Groups Of Company. Engku Helmy is a digital marketer who helps entrepreneurs achieve 5 to 6 figure sales per month since 2018.

He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to online their business and make their business auto through ecommerce. Among the brands he has helped are Onpay, ShopeeGram, Ordersini and many more.


Engku Helmy is the author of The E-Commerce Blueprint book with over 8,000 copies sold all over Malaysia.


Freelance trainer with over hundreds of students ranging from niches such as beauty, health and digital.


Runs eaclouds as a day to day business looking for clients who wants to scale their business with digital marketing.

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Discover how your company can turn unprofitable campaigns into profitable ones using our proven framework.

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